Frame Offices opens new location partnering with The Hague Humanity Hub

The Hague Humanity Hub and Frame Offices announce the opening of a new location at Alexanderveld 5, a 1400m2 space with views on the Peace Palace. The new location will be officially opened on February 4th by Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines during the annual Peace and Justice Reception at 16:00 CET. The reception will take place online.

This unique partnership between Frame Offices and the Humanity Hub enables organizations to benefit from premium working experience, professional community management and programming, full-serviced offices and hospitality services. We are proud that the Frame Offices location Alexanderveld is a home for already 14 organizations.

The Hague Humanity Hub activates here a second hub, following the successful launch in 2018 at the Fluwelen Burgwal location in the city center. The Hague Humanity Hub has proven a valuable element to the ecosystem for a more peaceful and just world, supporting already more than 300 members from over 100 diverse organizations ranging from non-profit to for profit, start-ups to scale-ups, small local to large international organizations and academia.


Frame Offices is delighted to open its 11th location in The Netherlands offering premium working experience to a tenant diversity, working on progressive, innovative, sustainable and worldly human solutions and ideas. The unique partnership between Frame Offices and the Humanity Hub creates additional space to host more organizations and welcome new entrants into the Hague.


“Working together with Frame Offices at the Humanity Hub Alexanderveld allows us to expand the community and focus on professional community development and programming while also offering full service office and hospitality services.” Jill Wilkinson, Managing Director The Hague Humanity Hub 


“This collaboration fully supports the growing ecosystem for peace and justice. Our goal is to help organisations work together and this is what The Humanity Hub and Frame Offices enable.” Saskia Bruines, Deputy Mayor of The Hague



We are proud that Alexanderveld is a home for already 14 organizations and we welcome all new residents into The Hague Humanity Hub community. Together with the residents at the two locations and members elsewhere, we will continue to develop this community towards a more peaceful and just world, by offering both online and offline opportunities to meet, exchange knowledge and collaborate.

There are still full-serviced offices from 20m2 on available at the Alexanderveld, as well as co-working, dedicated desks and virtual offices. We are always interested in welcoming new members. Membership with residency is subject to availability, enquiries welcome.


COVID – 19

During the pandemic The Hague Humanity Hub has developed the technical capabilities to support livestream, hybrid and online events and anticipate that the digital space will remain valuable in the future. Frame Offices follows the recommendations of local governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) to take hygiene and physical distance measures in all our locations providing our community with a safer work environment.


About The Hague Humanity Hub

The Humanity Hub is a not-for-profit foundation that supports and strengthens the ecosystem for a more peaceful and just world. We facilitate collaboration and innovation by offering the necessary ingredients for chance encounters, new alliances, inspirational collaborations, and the exchange of knowledge.  The Hub is both an actively managed community and two beautifully designed spaces in The Hague where professionals can connect and collaborate, work, and hold events.

Our current membership of more than 300 professionals from over 100 organizations is active in a wide range of fields such as peacebuilding, justice innovation, education, humanitarian action, climate action, and development aid. The organizations range from non-profit to for profit, start-ups to scale-ups, small local to large international organizations and academia.

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About Frame Offices

Frame Offices makes Places that work, with offices for everyone in every size in a worry-free tenant setting. We combine serviced offices, Co-working, Virtual Offices and meeting & event venues. Our inviting design keeps innovation and inspiration a second nature to everyone. Our biggest aim in designing our locations is to unleash people’s full creative energy to enhance their working life and improve the working processes. Fine hospitality, the highest service level and an energetic atmosphere are our drivers to get best out of yourself. In addition, Frame Offices offers a wide range of Happy Working Life Services to make working even more fun. Over more than 10 Frame Offices are located in The Netherlands. We design places that invest in individuals, so you feel valued and cared for. That is why Frame Offices makes places that work.

For more information concerning rental possibilities at Frame Offices Alexanderveld, please contact our Commercial Director Ewoud Mosterd: