Flex work

Find the place that works for you in our business club. Pick your private desk, join the reading table or place yourself in our 5***** lobbies. Our food gurus will daily cheer you up with the best coffees and healthy refreshments.

Office space

Setting up your own office can be a weary task requiring capital resources. It detains you from focus on your business. Frame Offices covers all these concerns by providing you access to the Frame Business Lounges while availing various service benefits. Like-minded people with the same ambitions and challenges boost your bliss for work and support prospects for better networking. Do not get stuck on your freelance loneliness and join the Frame Business lounges at all our locations.

To break the ice of monotony, change your work settings once in a while. Frame Offices has Business Lounges in all their locations and none of them are the same. Re-invent your inspiration and productivity in our characteristic and inviting workplaces.

What is the difference between coworking and flexible working?

The difference between coworking and flexible working lies in the level of flexibility and community you seek in a workspace.

Coworking is focused on creating a shared workspace where individuals or small teams rent their own desk or space for a set period. It’s situated in an environment full of ambitious professionals, providing excellent opportunities for networking, collaboration, and gaining new inspiration. This option is ideal for those who desire stability and a fixed location but still want to experience the energy and inspiration of a communal work environment. The emphasis here is on a collaborative atmosphere, where everyone focuses on their work while the facilities and maintenance are taken care of by the provider.

On the other hand, flexible working offers ultimate flexibility and is perfect for “free spirits” who don’t want to be tied down to one specific location or long-term commitments. Flex workers can choose where they want to work on a daily basis, from a lobby to a reading table, and have access to facilities like Wi-Fi in a dynamic and inspiring environment. This option is ideal for those who crave change and want to work in different locations depending on their daily needs and preferences.

In summary, the choice between coworking and flexible working depends on your personal preference for stability and community versus flexibility and freedom. Coworking offers a fixed location in a stimulating environment, while flexible working provides the freedom to work where and when you want without fixed commitments.