Virtual Office

With a virtual office you can register your company within 24 hours at one of the Frame Offices locations in the Netherlands. We forward your mail and answer the phone with your own business telephone number and company name. From just a business postal address, to mail processing and telephone service. Formally settle at one of our A1 locations. You only rent a meeting room or office if that suits you; per hour, per day, per week or per month.

Business address

A business address makes your company professional! You will receive a business registration address within 24 hours. Our subscription for a registration address at one of our top locations starts from €65 per month!


What do you need?

We need the following information to draw up the agreement:

  • Chamber of Commerce extract (not older than 3 months)
  • Copy ID
  • Phone number
  • Email address, including for invoicing
  • VAT and IBAN numbers
  • Desired location and start date
  • Desired method of mail processing (collect, scan or forward)



No Chamber of Commerce registration yet?

I am not yet registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. What to do?
If you have not yet registered your company with the Chamber of Commerce, we will help you get started. We will draw up a draft agreement and write a covering letter that you can bring to your appointment at the Chamber of Commerce. As soon as the registration is complete, we will finalize your agreement.




As a provider of virtual offices, Frame Offices is obliged to check every customer by means of the completed Know Your Customer check. During this check, you will be asked various questions about your company and you will have to upload things such as your Chamber of Commerce extract. This is to prevent illegal actions.



Telephone & postservices

A FAQ when starting up a virtual office is: Can Frame Offices answer my business phone? And the answer is quite simple; Yes, that’s possible! It is even possible for all the companies that you register separately. The same applies to postal items.

We will inform you by email of the incoming mail. You can choose:

  • collecting your mail for free at reception within opening hours
  • receiving your mail scanned online for €15 per month
  • getting your mail forwarded for €37.50 per month.




Phone service?

Frame Offices offers a professional telephony service that makes your company optimally accessible by telephone. Our hostesses always provide customer-oriented service to your relations based on the agreed upon desired approach. For €50 per month we will activate this service for you.




Notice period?

The standard term of our agreements is 12 months. Would you rather close an agreement for a shorter period? Ask for the possibilities. We apply a notice period of 3 months for our agreements.


A virtual office boosts your companies professionalism.

Your adress registered at one of our 20 Frame Offices locations? With a virtual office you can use the following services:

Business Address

Rent an office or meeting room when necessary

Phone Services

Use of postal address at 1 of our A1 locations throughout the Netherlands

Post Services

Forward or scan mail and send to e-mail address

Package Service

Receive mail or collect postal parcels from reception

KvK registration

Register your company as head office with the Chamber of Commerce

Dot on the map

Use your address for marketing and communication purposes

Establishing your company virtually at an A1 location from €65 per month?

Ideal for business holdings, personal BVs or any other form of company that does not want mail or telephone at home. Call or email us asap for the possibilities.

What is a Virtual Office?

Expand Your Business Horizons with a Virtual Office at Frame Offices

Imagine: an office that can be anywhere, where your mail is received, your calls are answered, and your business maintains a professional presence even when you’re not physically present. This is exactly what a Virtual Office at Frame Offices offers – an innovative solution that transforms the way we work and gives businesses the flexibility to grow without the traditional constraints of a physical location.

What is a Virtual Office? A Virtual Office is a modern solution for entrepreneurs in need of a professional business environment without the costs and limitations of a traditional office. At Frame Offices, we provide a range of services including mail management, phone answering, and a prestigious business address, all from an off-site location.

The Benefits of a Virtual Office The benefits of a Virtual Office are numerous. It offers flexibility for businesses looking to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. It saves costs by eliminating overheads such as rent, maintenance, and furnishing of a physical space. Moreover, it provides a professional image and grants businesses access to business facilities and services without the need for a full-time office.

Who is it Suitable For? A Virtual Office is ideal for a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s perfect for startups that aren’t ready for a fixed office yet but need professional business services. It’s also suitable for businesses looking to expand their presence into new markets without the expenses of opening a physical office. Additionally, it’s an ideal solution for frequent business travelers who need a professional base while on the move.

Frame Offices: Your Partner in Professional Entrepreneurship At Frame Offices, we understand the unique needs of modern businesses. Our Virtual Offices are designed to meet these needs and offer a range of services tailored to the demands of today’s business world. With our extensive experience and expertise, we help businesses to grow and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Discover the Possibilities of a Virtual Office at Frame Offices Want to learn more about the benefits of a Virtual Office at Frame Offices and how it can help your business grow? Contact us today and explore the possibilities of professional entrepreneurship without the constraints of a traditional office. With a Virtual Office at Frame Offices, you’re always connected, wherever you are.

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