Virtual office

From 60 euros per month, virtually establish your business at an A1 location?

A business address makes your company more professional. With a virtual office, you can register your business at one of the Frame Offices locations in the Netherlands.
We forward your mail and answer the phone using your own business phone number and company name.
From just a business mailing address to mail processing and phone service, formally establish your business at one of our A1 locations. You only rent meeting rooms or office space as needed, by the hour or day.

We can provide you with a lease agreement for your business registration address within 24 hours. Often on the same day. Our subscription for a registration address at one of our top locations starts at EUR 60 per month!
The contract is easily cancellable. Our lease agreements meet the requirements of the Chamber of Commerce.*
Choose from our 18 highly representative locations in the Netherlands and apply for your registration address for the Chamber of Commerce today.
Our contracts can be used when registering your company at any Chamber of Commerce location in the Netherlands.
You can also use the address as an official mailing address and on your website.Ideal for business holdings, personal BVs, or any other form of enterprise that does not want mail or phone calls at home.
Call or email us quickly for the possibilities.

Virtual office A virtual office boosts your business’s professionalism. Your address at our Frame Offices location. With a virtual office, you can use the following services:

  • Use of a mailing address at one of our locations
  • Use the address for marketing and communication purposes (e.g., website, Google Business, and social media);
  • *Register your company as the main office with the Chamber of Commerce
  • *Reception of mail and packages
  • Use of informal meeting spaces
  • Use of meeting rooms by the hour at the applicable rate.

*When we receive mail and packages for you, you can pick them up at the reception desk. We can also send them to a specified address or scan and send them to a desired email address.

*Subject to WWFT screening.