Hoofddorp Pharos

This building towers high above the others and lives up to its name Pharos. Lighting up the healthiest work community in Europe safeguarding the circular economy and supplying mutual energy.

Pharos as the lighthouse of Hoofddorp

As a lighthouse it rises 19-floors accompanied with a five-story low-rise building. Pharos Hoofddorp is the ultimum creation of a healthy working environment and a community that provides added value for tenants. This is partly based on joint facilities. Tenants have access use to a business club on the 19th floor with boardrooms, a reload room to gain new energy and flex-to-adapt spaces for those in need for temporarily space.


Chef Jonathan Karpathios of restaurant The Farm Kitchen daily cheers you up with yummy, organic, local, seasonal food. As Jonathan says: ‘ Kanteens are Karpa places where we gather together to enjoy good food from good soil in order to nourish good people for even greater days.’

Meeting rooms


Relax room
Unwind, de-stress, uplift and power your brains with our Relax room facilities.
Time to beast at the gym to smash, squat and shock your sitting time.
Time Savers
We work your household chores through the day with laundry, dry cleaning, shoemaking services.
Our food gurus will daily cheer you up with the best coffees and healthy refreshments.
Virtual office
On demand office access with postal and phone services.

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