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Keep your work focus framed. Do not lose your energetic thoughts, best-in-class mood or the team will to collaborate synergistically. We know how difficult it is to keep these standards above the 100% daily. Therefor we believe in places that do things for people.

Our biggest aim in designing our locations is to unleash people’s full creative energies to enhance their working life and radically improve the business processes. Find your place that works!
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Rotterdam Coolsingel

In the heart of Rotterdam between the dynamics of shoppers, museums and the hard workers you will find our white showpiece. Monumental and iconic with a Gatsby hint full of marble and brass.

Den Haag Alexanderveld

This place works for progressive, innovative, sustainable and worldly human solutions and ideas. Premium working experience for NGO's and IO's close to the Peace Palace.

Amsterdam Gouden Bocht

Find your place that works. Virtual office, dedicated desk or turnkey workplace management for your international hub.

Rotterdam LittleC

Office space or a company loft?
Adjacent to the eminent medical center Erasmus MC, LittleC is ideally located for Life Science & Health innovators, game changers and creators.
Utrecht Orteliuslaan

Utrecht Orteliuslaan

Working in a dynamic environment based on vitality, health and mobility, providing hybrid arrangements to grant employees flexibility.
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Utrecht De Meern

Utrecht De Meern

We are happy to make tailor-made turnkey office space for you, together with an extensive range of services and facilities. Here you will find all flexible rental solutions in the center of the country.
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Rotterdam Alexander

Looking for available office spaces or a worry free workplace? At our location Jupiter you'l Turnkey workplace management and services offices at one of the best accessible office locations in the Netherlands.
Zwolle Burgemeester Roelenweg

Zwolle Burgemeester Roelenweg

This landmark of Zwolle is located between the historic city center on the one hand and the highway (A28) on the other. You can walk straight into the historic center. An ideal place for offices.
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Utrecht Atoomweg

Centred in The Netherlands lies this big surprise behind anthracite walls. Scandinavian wood and lively colours cater to bliss for work.
A great place to unleash people’s full creative energy and radically improve the business processes.

Leeuwarden Lange Marktstraat

Bright, bustling and breezy you will experience this place as the hotspot at the urban jungle of Leeuwarden. At the same time the intimate and beautiful courtyard serves you a healthy and quiet place to wonder and reflect your business acts.

Haarlem Kennemerplein

Located at Central Station and with a stunning view on Zocherparc, our Frame Offices location houses a variety of businesses. The loftiness of the lobby entrance is a startling addition on all your deals in progress.

Leiden Kanaalpark

The concierge bar pulls double duty as a receptionist area where guests enjoy an espresso with stand-up service like traditional coffee shops in Italy. The entrance hall is the place where employees gather for healthy fresh ups, striking salads and light lunches.

Alphen aan den Rijn Flemingweg

Er zijn verschillende turnkey kantoorruimten beschikbaar, je kunt al een ruimte huren vanaf drie personen. Daarnaast bieden we ook kantoorruimte op maat. Wil je een open ruimte of liever verschillende afgescheiden werkplekken? Wij zorgen dat je kantoor een plek wordt die voor jou werkt.

Hoofddorp Mercuriusplein

This building towers high above the others and lives up to its name Pharos. Lighting up the healthiest work community in Europe safeguarding the circular economy and supplying mutual energy.

Rotterdam Blaak 16

In the middle of the Rotterdam urban jungle you will find Blaak 16, just a stone's throw away from the Market Hall. Light and bright designed with a glass façade for optimum working mood.

Amersfoort Van Asch van Wijckstraat

Kantoor pal aan het Centraal Station voor optimale bereikbaarheid. Twee atria vormen de verbinding tussen de drie grote kantoortorens met werkplekken die uitzicht bieden op het historische centrum. Work - Meet - Relax is hier het credo.

Hoofddorp Bloemlaan

Strategically located this Frame Offices is a modern designed building with an open and light character.

Designed by Frame Offices

Do not lose your energy in dull, grey, anonymous and static office spaces. We design places that invest in individuals, so you feel valued and cared for. That is why Frame Offices makes places that work.
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Working Life Services

Our food gurus will daily cheer you up with the best coffees and healthy refreshments.
Time to beast at the gym to smash, squat and shock your sitting time.
Virtual office
On demand office access with postal and phone services.
Time Savers
We work your household chores through the day with laundry, dry cleaning, shoemaking services.
Relax room
Unwind, de-stress, uplift and power your brains with our Relax room facilities.